On August 18, 2018 EM Design – Craft was founded to create, design, and craft goods for people. Whether it’s
for the home or business, they produce items that can be tailored to the individual or collective.

Jessica and Zack share a background of designing and crafting. Jessica has a background in graphic and environmental design. Zack has a background in fabrication, CNC operations, and product design. Our complementary skills allow us to create a unique product and experience. In addition, they share a background of working with and for small businesses and organizations.

Together they can design a brand and then produce physical objects to supplement the brand. This includes everything from the logo and business cards, to the sign hung outside, and everything in between.

While working at Maker’s Edge in Waco, they encountered people from all walks of life and decided to form a business outfitting people on their own personal ventures.

As of being open they have had a fantastic response from business and organizations, both local and abroad. Exciting things are happening and they hope that you continue to support and follow our journey!

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